Investment Immigration

For the foreign investors, the EB-5 investor category is an excellent way to get the Green Card in a short time as well as live […]

General Consultations

Modern business and commercial practice requires lawyers experienced in the application of corporate, securities, partnership, and tax law to business operation and complex transactions. The […]


Despite the abundance of law firms in the area, the Law Offices of Steve Qi & Associates is one of the very few law firms […]

Family Law

Our firm’s Family Law Practice provides a full range of services for individuals in all aspects of family law.  We distinguish ourselves by seeking solutions best […]


A copyright is a right granting its owner the exclusive use of his or her authored work. Under federal copyright law, the authors of “original […]


A trademark is any word, symbol, phrase, design, sound, smell, color, product configuration, group of letters or numbers, or combination of these, adopted and used […]

Trade secrets

Trade secrets are the information used in a business that makes it different from others. It is also something that if acquired, gives business competitors […]


Antitrust laws forbid businesses from monopolizing markets and restraining free trade. In particular, antitrust cases are often costly to businesses due to potential fines and […]

China Business

Globalization has fueled a rapid increase in cross-border trade and investment. To compete in today’s challenging economic climate, companies must navigate through an evolving set […]