Despite the abundance of law firms in the area, the Law Offices of Steve Qi & Associates is one of the very few law firms in the Chinese community that specializes in litigation and tries cases on a regular basis. Our principal, Mr. Steve Qi, has extensive experience in all stages of litigation and in the courtrooms of both state and federal courts, as well as other administrative tribunals.
Our litigation talent covers a broad array of practice areas, including business, civil, employment and family law. Our attorneys have established a sterling reputation for their ability to succeed in high-stakes and complex cases. We work with our clients from pre-litigation counseling through all appeals to reach the winning result that meets our clients’ business objectives. We also help our clients navigate through the complex litigation environment.

Litigation is often an adversarial, complex, and stressful process. Litigation requires the best of the legal minds to strategize, prepare, and implement into action. A large part of litigation consists of “discovery” – a process in which both parties investigate the issues and facts of the case. Discovery is often labor-intensive and time-consuming. At our firm, we have substantial experience in conducting discovery: interrogatories, request for admissions, depositions, and request for production of documents.

Although it is common perception that litigation leads to trial, here at the Law Offices of Steve Qi & Associates, we never lose sight of the fact that pre-trial settlement may be the best solution for our clients.