A trademark is any word, symbol, phrase, design, sound, smell, color, product configuration, group of letters or numbers, or combination of these, adopted and used to identify a good or service provider and establish such business’s prominence in the marketplace. Usually, such mark becomes the indicator of a business when consumers are getting familiar with particular marks, and the goods or services they represent. Therefore, in order to prevent consumers from becoming confused about the source or origin of a product or service, the owner of a trademark has the power to stop others from using the same or a similar mark.
Our office is positioned to assist you in securing, maintaining, and enforcing trademark rights in the United States or in California. We are able to guide you through the registration procedure either before the US Patent and Trademark Office, including conducting the preliminary trademark search, preparing and filing trademark applications, Respond to requests for clarification or rejection, and trademark renewal applications. Our office is also prepared to intervene on your behalf to initiate legal action against trademark infringement. For example, we send or respond to cease & desist letters, litigate trademark infringements lawsuits or declaratory judgment actions.