Wrongful Termination

Here at the Law Offices of Steve Qi & Associates, we understand the delicate and sensitive situation of harassment and discrimination claims. Our Firm believes that each case should be handled with the confidentiality and tact that it deserves.
Some of the more common and well-known reasons for improper termination include terminations based on race, sex, national origin, status, and age. Another but less common reason is termination based on an employee’s refusal to go along with the improper or illegal activities of its company. When an employee reports the improper activities of its company, (a process best known as “whistle blowing”) and the employer terminates the employee’s employment, this could be considered an improper reason for termination.
As a Firm who has successfully helped clients litigate and settle wrongful termination claims, our attorneys possess the practical skills needed to navigate through the complexities of these claims. Our Firm can advise employers on how to mitigate the legal risks of alleged wrongful termination claims, such as providing an “at-will” provision in the employment agreement or employment handbook. If you are an employee who has been a victim of wrongful termination, our Firm can defend and represent you in your lawsuit.