Discrimination and sexual harassment

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace are serious offenses that need to be dealt with promptly. It should not be tolerated. Any type of discrimination or harassment, whether it is concerning race, sex, sexual identity, religion, disability, or age is impermissible. The employer should be made aware that discrimination and harassment can take on many forms, from verbal insults and slurs to refusing to promote an employee or depriving an employee of compensation or other opportunities based on his or her age, race, national origin, gender, religion or sexual preference. Similarly, harassment can come from the exchange of sexual favors for work related benefits, unwanted sexual advances by an employer or another employee to unpleasant verbal flirting.

If an employee is the subject of either discrimination or harassment, he or she can possibly raise a claim against her employer while still retaining his or her job. Furthermore, it is illegal for an employer to terminate an employee for bringing a claim for harassment and/or discrimination against the employer.

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