Shareholders transaction

A major part of any corporation is its shareholders. When forming a corporation, it is helpful to foresee and plan in advance the roles its shareholders would play. Generally, a shareholder is free to sell or transfer shares to anyone. However, with small corporations in which its shareholders act more like partners and in which each shareholder is integral to the success of the company, certain restrictions on the transfer of shares are usually placed. In these situations, our Firm can help corporations draft buy-sell agreements by setting the terms for when shares can be transferred or sold.

In the event that a corporation’s shareholders decide to dissolve the company in order to withdraw their investment, either because of a lack of active market for shares trading or because of an irreconcilable conflict between the company’s shareholders, our Firm can guide the corporation through the dissolution process. Whether it is a voluntary or involuntary dissolution, our attorneys provide step-by-step counseling and advice on a comprehensive range of offensive and defensive techniques to protect the corporation’s interests.